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Areas of Expertise

We are here for you. Have a licensed agent provide you with a tailored policy to provide custom coverage for your individual or business needs.  As an independent agent, we have more coverage options than a traditional agent who represents only one company.  We have an extensive array of services, and we can handle all your insurance needs & provide superior coverage and competitive prices.


We offer many lines types of Insurance:

Auto Insurance


The Vehicle you're relying on to get you where you need to be on a daily basis, requires the right auto insurance coverage.  Our Independent channel and appointments with over 40 A+ rated insurers will help us make sure we find a policy tailored to you're individual needs, at the most competitive price! It is all about protecting yourself financially.


Home Insurance

Whether you own or rent, your home and contents within are usually one of your biggest investments. Make sure they are protected with the right property coverage.  Ask our agents if you have the right coverage on your home.

Business Insurance


Many possible coverage options that are available to protect nearly every aspect of your business from employees to natural diseasters.  Make sure to talk to our agents to find out what kind of coverages are necessary for your business!

Disability Insurance

No matter how prepared you are, or think you are, accidents do happen- and unfortunately disability may be the outcome. You may need the financial protection a Disability Insurance Policy may provide.

Life Insurance


Life Insurance can help provide for the people who depend on you financially, if, god forbid, you could not be there for them.  The tax-free money can be used to replace lost income, cover final expenses, pay off debt, cover mortgages, fund a Childs' education, and more.



Malpractice Insurance


You've spent years doing things right and working hard, make sure you are covered with the right malpractice insurance coverage for your practice.  Ask our agents about giving you the best possible coverage by utilizing our different outlets to help save you and your practice money every year, without compensating your coverages!


Retirement/Advisory Services

​Every stage of life and business presents new challenges.  Providing comprehensive solutions that help to achieve and protect lifestyle choices, meet responsibilities, and take advantage of opportunities at each stage requires carefully drawn strategies, astute execution, and continued monitoring. Navigating the arcane intricacies of the tax code, inheritance laws and financial markets is a full-time job, which is why you most likely have surrounded yourself with experts in these fields.

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